Agnes Tsang started collecting, designing and making jewelry in her teenage years and is passionate for jade – the stone of the Orient.

She is a Jewelry Design graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London in 2003, where she learned the basic techniques of jewelry design, including the presentation of design ideas on paper with detailed painting skills. 

After returning to Hong Kong, Agnes completed the five courses required and obtained a diploma degree for Jadeite Identification & Classification offered by the Hong Kong Institute of Gemology, which is headed by leading gemologist and prestigious jade expert Prof. Ou Yang Chiu Mei, a world-recognized authority on jadeite jade.

During her time spent in Europe, Agnes realized that jadeite jade is actually not a typical gem stone understood by ordinary collectors who might judge jade as just a “just a green stone”. After her graduation from GIA, Agnes is filled with enthusiasm to promote jadeite jade, a treasure from the Orient, to other potential jade lovers.

In Hong Kong, Agnes spends a great deal of her time with local jadeite retailers and wholesalers. She has accumulated valuable knowledge and experience in buying jadeite jade from several reputable and ethical jade dealers with whom she has developed very good relationship.

Opposing the belief that jade is only suitable for the “older generation”, Agnes enjoys creating jadeite ornaments with young, funky and eye-catching designs. The true fact is, jade has already been absorbed in Hong Kong’s young jewelry culture and continues to gain popularity rapidly.

Agnes interviewed by Noreen Mir at RTHK Radio 3 about understanding and choosing jadeite jade