Orient Concepts Sells Natural Jadeite Only

Jadeite is precious because of its natural beauty. Orient Concepts might not sell natural jadeite of the highest or the most exceptional quality as those you might see in jewelry auctions, however we collect and trade natural and good quality jadeite that are more affordable to ordinary collectors.

Although there is a huge gap between supply and demand of natural and good quality jadeite, nice jadeite pieces are still handily found in many ethical jade traders in Hong Kong. We believe the beauty of jadeite should be judged by its potential owner, not just the price tag.

  • Certificate Issuing Service

Orient Concepts provides lab-tested jadeite certificates issued by Hong Kong Government-authorized gem laboratories upon request by customers. The certificates are issued by authorized gem laboratories in Hong Kong for about US$50 each.

It is a common practice to get jadeite certificates for people buying relatively expensive items.