Orient Concepts aims to lead you to the fantastic world of understanding and purchasing of Burmese jadeite. Founded by Agnes Tsang, a Jewelry Design Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London and fanatic jade lover, Orient Concepts provides a collection of original Burmese jadeite pieces designed or collected by Agnes in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is renowned for being one of the largest jadeite markets in the world with most of the jade craftsmanship done in mainland China. The jadeite jade traded in Hong Kong’s wholesale and retail markets is mainly imported from Burma (or Myanmar) directly or through the Chinese Yunnan Province adjacent to Burma.

Jadeite jade is a type of precious stone largely traded in ordinary jewelry markets in Hong Kong. Chinese people fancy jade over many other kinds of precious stones because of its exceptional beauty and uniqueness. Jade lovers from the oriental culture believe that jade can protect a person from harm and has healing powers.

Like many other natural stones, jadeite jade is classified and graded by its intrinsic beauty and naturalness. Orient Concepts was created to help people understand what jade actually is before they think about possessing one. To collect a lovely piece of natural and good quality jadeite may not cost a fortune as many people might have wrong believed.