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All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

All items will be packed with extra care for delivery.

For any non-insured mail delivery, Orient Concepts is not responsible for any loss or damage caused during the posting process.

All items sold are non-refundable

Purchasing Process

Mail delivery of product(s) upon payment received

Purchasing Process - PayPal

  1. Choose the product(s)
  2. Complete the Order Form for the transaction
  3. Transfer the amount required for the purchase through Pay Pal
  4. Products will be sent out within 1 working day after the confirmation of payment by PayPal

    *Delivery Time - approximately 2 working days for purchases within Hong Kong

    *Delivery Time – approximately 10 working days for purchases outside of Hong Kong depending on the distance
  5. All transactions cannot be terminated or refunded after payment is completed

Payment Methods Accepted by Orient Concepts

PayPal (valid for all orders), payments are converted to US dollars at a rate of $7.6HKD to $1USD

Delivery Methods - Hong Kong

  1. Free Postage For Registered Mail (Below HK$800.00)

    Registered mail delivery is provided free of charge for any purchase(s).

  2. Registered Mail with Additional Insurance (Above HK$800.00)

    Mail insurance will be included free of charge for items above HK$800.00.

Delivery Methods - Non-Hong Kong Jurisdictions

  1. Registered Mail (Below US$100.00)

    Registered airmail postage for each item is stated with the product price in the Shopping Corner.

  2. Registered Mail with Additional Insurance (Above US$100.00)

    Mail insurance will be included free of charge for items above US$100.00.

  3. *For any purchase of more than one item, postage will be discounted accordingly.