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  Huang Long Jade Features  
  Huang Long jade has special "water grass" patterns that often make the crafted pieces look like Chinese painting. It has great colour diversity and luster. As Chinese people go after this new jade of Chinese origin, prices have gone up in recent years.
  Yunnan Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) Jade  
  Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) Jade (s) is a newly discovered jade found between China and Myanmar in 2004 at Long Ning town, which is adjacent to Burmese jadeite jade deposits. Its colour is largely found yellow, which is also a Chinese emperior colour.
  Escalating Jadeite Prices  
  Due to strong demand in Mainland China, prices of jadeite, especially higher end products, have rocketed by folds. Rich Chinese people bolstering raw jadeite materials from Burmese mines triggered the rise.
  Why Bangle is Always Most Expensive?  
  To make a jade bangle, you need to choose a piece of stone without any cracks and is usually of good transparency or even colour. The piece of stone has to be large and a piece of good quality jade is usually very hard to find.
  Colour & Luster  
  To people who do not understand jade, jade is a piece of green stone. Burmese jade is of various colours and the inner beauty of jade is not appreciated just by colour. Burmese jade has its unique glossy luster, and for nephrite jade its greasy luster.
  Tailor-Made Orders  
  Orient Concepts loves to tailor-make your own special jewelry. This has always been our goal and we have received more and more tailor-made orders from customers. Do not feel shy to let us know your needs and we will try our best to assist!
  Lavender Jade  
  Natural colour of lavender jade is light. To distinguish genuine lavender jade from fakes, the most important thing to look at is colour. For dyed lavender jade, you will see "purple wrapping white" instead of "white wrapping purple" in the structure.
  Chinese Xinjiang Nephrite Jade  
  Xinjiang Nephrite white jade is the most expensive type of all white jade of the same quality - colour, greasy fat luster & translucency. Xinjiang white jade prices are rocketing these days due to its diminished supply.
  What Type of Jade To Buy?  
  If you are buying a piece to keep for long term, I suggest you buy a piece of better transparency than colour. High transpareny also means that the granula of jade is smaller and closer to fibre texture. Glassy jade is more durable and is of higher value.
  Buy Real Jade but not Resin-Filled Or Dyed Jade  
  Only A Class jade is considered genuine Burmese jadeite and is valuable. For shops who do not label their products as A class or A Grade, you have to be really careful, especially for jade pieces sold for low price but with nice colour and transparency.